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Our company wants to remind all the people to pay maximum attention in the management and containment of the Covid-19, emergency to fight through the restrictive measures and the new rules passed by the Government. These are necessary rules to combat the epidemic: we are all called upon to respect them in order to win this battle.

- Wash your hands frequently 
- Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes
- Avoiding crowded places

- People over 65 should stay at home as long as possible
- Limiting social contacts

- If cooled, keep a distance of 2 metres from the other

- Sneeze or cough in the elbow or disposable handkerchief
- If symptoms are compatible with the virus stay at home and contact your doctor, do not go to the emergency room or surgery

Among the various therapeutic properties that distinguish it, PROXER is known for its powerful immunostimulant , suitable for increasing and strengthening the immune defenses of patients who are defedited or not (coronavirus).


The freeze-dried bags are to be taken between meals for two a day. For each packet, diluted in warm water or tea, preferably hot, add lemon juice to increase palatability and baking soda. This is for alternating three-month treatment periods.


PROXER, thanks to the high molecular weight polysaccharides, has an immunostimulating action in its entirety. In response to the action of external agents, polysaccharides stimulate the body to produce lymphocytes, which are the main constituents of the immune system, that is, a defense against the attack of pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and protists.

Lymphocytes produce antibodies and place them on the cell membrane, with defensive functions. The XERONINA alkaloid, by stimulating the production of T cells, acts directly at the level of cell-mediated immunity.


Natural products

Not tested on animals

Gluten free

Made in italy

scatola e prodotto Proxer, integratore alimetare


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