Angel, thanks to the optimal dosage, the certain quality of its components and their functionality is used in nutritional programs aimed at losing weight and reducing the metabolic risk of obesity.
It contributes significantly to the reduction of waist and cholesterol levels.
Angel also supports neurotrophic, anti-asthenic and antioxidant actions aimed at improving psychophysical performance, promoting an active lifestyle and promoting a metabolic environment conducive to weight loss.

  • helps reduce the weight that weighs on health

  • adds wellness to change

Slimming is a process of change. Angel has been designed to improve the effectiveness of the”action phase”or of lifestyle change. In this sense, through the specific functionality of its active ingredients, it supports weight loss in combination with slightly low-calorie-lipid dietary programmes and physical activity and/or motor reconditioning programs.
To this adds the action hypocholesterolemizzante, the positive effect on the cholesterol HDL and the activity antioxidant and antiaggregante platelet, which make it particularly suitable also in overweight/obese subjects with hypercholesterolemia and mild to moderate cardiovascular risk, which may be treated with pharmacology.
Finally, thanks to the functional synergy of its components it also supports neurotrophic and antisthenic actions aimed at improving psychophysical performance, promote an active vira style and promote a metabolic environment conducive to weight loss and reduction of metabolic risk.


Facts of Fucopure (10% fucoxantine)

The extract of undaria Pinnafida, brown seaweed of the Japanese Sea, contains a functional carotenoid called“fucoxanthin” which, on the basis of experimental evidence, has demonstrated the ability to increase the use of abdominal fat for thermogenetic purposes and to inhibit the differentiation of preadipocytes in adipocytes, reducing the possibilities of fat storage in adipose tissue.

Properties of Green Tea

Titrated tea in epigallocatechingallato plays an important role in the formulation i what on the one hand supports an effective thermogenetic and lipolithic action that can synergize with fucoxanthin, on the other hand, there is a low cholesterol-lowering and anti-aggregating action of the platelet that supports the action of polyoxanolysis.

Properties of standardized sugar cane polyoxanonols in 60% octacosanol

Polyoxanolysis have long been known as hypocholesterolemizing agents because they inhibit the hepatic synthesis of cholesterol, while Green Tea acts more by reducing its absorption. However their protective action at the cardiovascular level is also expressed through the increase of HDL cholesterol and in the antiaggregating platelet activity.

Properties of nicotinamide

Nicotinamide is mainly involved in the metabolic processes of energy production at the level of glucidic and lipid metabolism.

Angel® contains no gluten and lactose
It is also stated that the raw material Fucopure™ extract of undaria pinnatifida titrated to 10% in fucoxanthin has a quantity of iodine 1ppm.


It is recommended the administration of 1 or 2 capsules per day preferably before meals or according to medical indication.

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