2 tsp.


High-dosage D-mannose and American blueberry

1½ cups


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Useful in the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections.
Since these bactericidal substances are not present, the possibility of producing resistant strains is very low. The absence of toxicity and excellent tolerability also facilitates compliance and makes Irene a suitable product for long-term intake.
The use ofIrene® allows to maintain an optimal physiology and health of the urinary tract.


Properties of D-mannose

D-mannose from Irene® is a 100% pure and natural preparation, obtained from the fermentation of larch wood and extracted using a photosynthesis process. No solvent is used in the extraction process: the preparation is 100% pure and natural without additives, preservatives, excipients, emulsifiers or other carbohydrates.

E. Coli uropatogeni exploit for the adhesion to the urothelium of the hair structures called fimbrie that represent an important factor of virulence and are mainly of two types: Type I which is the most common and binds to the D-mannose receptor residues and type P.

D-mannose concentrates in the urine and binds to the receptors (lectins) present in the fimbrie of the bacterium E.Coli creates the complex form bacterium + mannose. The bacteria are thus eliminated by the flow of urine without nesting in the mucosa of the bladder wall.

Proprietà del Mirtillo rosso (Vaccinium Macrocarpon Ait.)

Its main use is the treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections due to the mechanism of action related to the presence of proanthocyanidins. Irene cranberry extract is particularly rich in pacs effective in inhibiting bacterial adhesion to the uroepithelial bladder cells. It has been shown that the proanthocyanidins extracted from the American blueberry (pacs A) are responsible for inhibiting the adhesive capacity of the P-type fimbria, thereby blocking the process of bacterial adhesion to the bladder mucosa.


It is recommended to take daily the contents of two bags to dissolve in water away from the main meals. In the hour after hiring is good not to drink. After 45 minutes or an hour from the intake drink abundantly and then urinate: in this way it eliminates the mannose bound to the Coli, having given the substance the time to act. A basic urinary environment amplifies the effect of the product. The use of alkalizing foods is recommended

For more detailed information, please download the Irene brochure.

Irene is formulated in comfortable envelopes with a pleasant taste to take after measuring the pH of the urine that must be between 7 and 8 (about 7.5) or slightly alkaline, with litmus paper.

List of alkalising and acidifying foods: avoid using only acidifying foods or exceed them. The right level of alkalinity is achieved in the usual daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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