It is indicated in all cases of slow intestinal transit. With a pleasant taste, it is used in all adults, elderly and children who want to take care of their well-being in a balanced and natural way for the recovery and maintenance of normal physiological functions.

Levine is a traditional natural product based on glyceric extracts of frangula, Senna, fennel, star anise and licorice. It also contains concentrated Fico pulp, manna cannoli and sorbitol.

Constipation is a problem that affects people of all ages and is responsible for symptoms and disorders that can create discomfort and sometimes malaise. The difficulty to evacuate is often caused by incorrect life habits such as, mainly, a low-fiber diet and a marked sedentary state. Sometimes, even the use of certain commonly used but necessary medicines may encourage and therefore require the use of laxative substances

Levine is a dietary supplement that is a valuable aid in the treatment of short-term occasional constipation. It contains no gluten, iodine and lactose.



Take a single dose stick before lunch and one before dinner. The correct dose is the minimum sufficient to produce an easy evacuation of soft stools. When necessary, the dose may be increased upon doctor’s advice. Levine can also be diluted in herbal teas or other hot drinks.

Levine can also be diluted in herbal teas or other hot drinks.

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