Biologically pure freeze-dried extract from the fruit of morinda citrifolia L. (Noni)

3 cups


2 tsp.


Proxeronine, Vitamins, Minerals and polysaccharides

1½ cups


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The Noni (morinda citrifolia L.) is considered one of the greatest discoveries of the last decades in the field of natural cures: in the USA, Germany, Australia, Holland, South America and many other countries are used in modern alternative medical protocols and not for a very wide range of health problems, as well as in the daily diet.

  1. Proxer supports cellular metabolic processes, counteracts the action of free radicals, has positive effects on the control of excess pressors and is an activator of the immune system.

  2. Proxer has analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity.

  3. Proxer acts positively in states of easy psychogenic fatigue, regulating the sleep-wake rhythm and the intake of food.

  4. Proxer has a marked detoxifying effect from nicotine.

  5. The synergy of the constituent elements of the phytocomplex has valid effects on the premenstrual syndrome when it is accompanied by mood swings, nervousness and energy decreases common between ovulation and the beginning of the period. Its emmenagogic properties are used in the regulation of the menstrual cycle.
    In case of pregnancy it is advisable to take Proxer from the beginning and during lactation, to optimize the supply of vital substances.

  6. Proxer optimizes the child’s functional capabilities by improving the absorption of food and thus laying the foundations for effectively fighting diseases and infections.

  7. Proxer has valid effects in the treatment and treatment of gastric, duodenal, stress and oesophagitis ulcers.

  8. Proxer has anti-allergic and anti-asthmatic properties.

    Proxer acts positively in the treatment for proper prostate function.

  9. Proxer stimulates sexual desire.


The proxeronine is converted by catalysis of the enzyme proxeronase present in the body to xeronine, alkaloid that acts reporting the proteins, involved in the organic processes, in the most suitable conformation to their functions.


We recommend taking 2 bags a day preferably away from main meals.

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